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75 Ball Bingo

75 Ball Bingo is a very popular online bingo hall game which players may encounter. It is similar to 90 Ball Bingo, 70 Ball Bingo and 80 Ball Bingo. However, 75 Ball Bingo is a game of its own and has its own set of guidelines and rules. It's called 75 Ball Bingo because the numbers 1 - 75 are used on the bingo cards in game play.

75 Ball Bingo is perhaps one of the best known games in America and Canada, although players from around the world engage in this online entertainment. However, the 75 Ball Bingo card is usually the one that most players think of when they talk about the game of bingo. This is because it has five columns which prominently display the letters B - I - N - G - O across the top to spell the word Bingo.

75 Ball Bingo

The 75 Ball Bingo card has five vertical rows and five horizontal rows. The 5 x 5 card grid only features numbers on 24 of the 25 available spots in the grid. In 75 Ball Bingo the spot that is dead center on the card is call the free space, and often is left blank or has the words Free Space on it. In many online 75 Ball Bingo cards that have a theme the center space will have a fancy icon that does not feature a letter or a number. This free space can be used to complete any pattern for a bingo.

The 5 x 5 bingo card has a specific layout in 75 Ball Bingo in addition to the center free space. Numbers 1 through15 appear under the B column. Numbers 16 through 30 appear under the I column. The N column is composed of numbers 31 through 45, while the G column will shows numbers between 46 and 60. The final O column has numbers 61 through 75. The caller calls out the numbers as "B2" or "074".

Players of 75 Ball Bingo play to be the first to complete a certain pattern for a Bingo win. Patterns include traditional one line, two line, and diagonal, four corner and coverall patterns. Each game will have a special pattern associated with it and players are advised of the pattern when they enter a bingo chat game, or before they buy in to the game. Prize pools vary and will depend which bingo hall the player is at.