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Bingo Horoscope

A bingo horoscope is one way in which many online bingo players decide when lady luck will be shining on them. Bingo horoscopes are based on the astrological zodiac. For many hundreds of years this system of divination was based on 12 zodiac signs. These bingo horoscope signs were also called sun signs or star signs. However, in mid to late 2010, a 13th zodiac sign was added. Although many bingo horoscope programs online use a 12 sign zodiac to figure their daily bingo horoscopes, many are beginning to use the 13 zodiac signs which are now being recognized as standard. The addition of the 13th zodiac sign changed star signs birth date ranges for all of the signs with the biggest affect taking place for those born under the new sign, Ophiuchus which covers players born November 29 through December 17. The dates for bingo players of all 13 zodiac signs are listed below.

Capricorn: Bingo player born January 20 through February 16

Aquarius: Bingo player born February 16 through March 11

Pisces: Bingo player born March 11through April 18

Aries: Bingo player born April 18 through May 13

Taurus: Bingo player born May 13 through June 21

Gemini: Bingo player born June 21 through July 20

Cancer: Bingo player born July 20 through August 10

Leo: Bingo player born August 10 through September 16

Virgo: Bingo player born September 16 through October 30

Libra: Bingo player born October 30 through November 23

Scorpio: Bingo player born November 23 through November 29

Ophiuchus: Bingo player born November 29 through December 17

Sagittarius: Bingo player born December 17through January 20

Bingo Horoscope

Players who wish to use the bingo horoscope to help them find out about opportune times to play bingo online can get daily horoscopes delivered right to their inboxes. Some online bingo halls have their own in house astrologer that offers daily readings for players. However, bingo players should be cautioned that the bingo horoscope is offered up as a means of entertainment and is generally not considered a solid recommendation to play or not to play on a specific day. A bingo horoscope is meant to be a fun divination tool for a player, much like the daily horoscopes offered in newspapers around the world. However, the bingo horoscope focuses specifically on the game of bingo and how favorable and unfavorable astrological activity relates to game play for the person born under the sign.