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Free Tickets and Gem-Blasting Fun with Jackpotjoy's Exclusive Bejeweled Bingo

Jackpotjoy launched its phenomenally successful Bejeweled Bingo game in 2010, combining two of the most popular online games to create a whole new craze. Bejeweled's gem-blasting take on the Tetris format has had players hooked for years, going on to become one of the most-downloaded Flash games of all time. Incredibly simple to play, the site's hybrid bingo version is ideal for players looking to liven up their bingo gameplay, or Bejeweled fans looking to play for cash prizes.

How it works

The Bejeweled aspect of Bejeweled Bingo is essentially a bonus round attached to the traditional Jackpotjoy 90 ball bingo game. Any player who has purchased six tickets or more in the Bejeweled Bingo room, whether they win or lose the bingo round, is given the chance to win free bingo tickets by playing a minute-long game of Bejeweled.

The higher the score you net in the bonus round of Bejeweled Bingo the higher the number of free tickets you'll earn to use at the Jackpotjoy site. It's not just your own gameplay that can earn you free games either; you can earn up to 12 free bingo cards in total - 6 for your own individual score and 6 for the score of your 'community'. So the better you all are at blasting those gems, the more you can help each other out when it comes to enjoying free bingo fun.

Boosting your score

To liven things up even more, the game allows you to boost your score in a variety of ways. When playing Bejeweled Bingo you score points by forming a horizontal or vertical line of 3 or more coloured gems that are the same, but you can score much higher points by collecting special gems throughout the game.


Hybercubes can remove all gems of the same colour, giving you serious gem-blasting power. These are created when you get five gems of the same colour in a horizontal or vertical line in Bejeweled Bingo.

Flame gems

When Flame gems are positioned alongside two gems of the same colour, they'll blast all other gems close by. You'll receive a Flame gem every time you successfully line up four matching gems in a horizontal or vertical line.

Star gems

If you manage to line up those matching gems in the form of a 'T' or 'L' pattern, then a Star gem will be released. Star gems are another great way to instantly boost your score, as they destroy all gems in both vertical and horizontal lines from the Star gem itself. Star gems can be triggered by nearby Flame gems too.

Multiplier gems

These special gems can appear at any time during the game, and always feature a number. This number tells you how much your score is going to be multiplied by. It will multiply the score you achieve from the gems you manage to blast when you blast the Multiplier gem.

More ways to play for free

As well as giving you the chance to play for free bingo tickets, the game itself is extended by a minute thanks to the gem-blitzing Bejeweled round. This all gives you more action for your deposit money over at Jackpotjoy.