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Full Contact Bingo Promises Bleeding Balls

It's been a few months now since we first caught wind of EA's file to trademark 'Full Contact Bingo' and there's still been no news of what it could actually be about. By the sounds of it though, we can assume that it will be some kind of bingo hall/mixed martial arts hybrid, where the numbers are called by Daniel Cromier and the first two people to win a line don't get the cash until someone's arm is broken, maybe.

What is it?

On March 5th 2013 EA Sports sent two trademark applications to the US patent and Trademark office under the titles of Full Contact Bingo, there's still no word from EA on why they did it or what they plan to achieve with such an odd sounding scheme, which has only further spurred speculation on internet message boards. The only other information we have is that it is definitely computer game software. As there's no confirmation this game is even in production it could be that we will never see it come to life, but if it did, people are guessing it will be a casual game for Facebook or other social media.

Good games gone bad

Full Contact Bingo Promises Bleeding BallsThroughout video game history we've seen ultra-violent takes on what we already know and love. The more popular ones are things like Blitz: The League, RedCard, a game that involved kicking people in the head amongst other things, and Games Workshop inspired BloodBowl even did so well they're making a sequel of it this year. They all share something in common though: all of these violent enhancements of a traditional sport are contact sport to being with. Bingo has never been a contact sport, so EA has little to work with, and if you didn't know that you should probably find out more about bingo

In a way that means they have even more scope than the rest. I'd like a bingo game that involved boxing or something to spice it up a little.

Let us know if you have any idea of what it could be. Updates to come if EA announces anything!