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No deposit bingo bonanza

There is nothing new about bingo sites offering no deposit bonuses, yet it is still by a long way one of the best offers for attracting players to your site. Of course, not all offers are equal. Some sites will only give away very modest offers like £10 no deposit bonus, or they will offer you a bonus only after you have deposited. What you can be sure of with the majority of sites is that the bonuses will no longer arrive after you have become a full time member. So with all these different offers and deals how can you tell which site is right for you?

Compare the bingo site

Fortunately, there are plenty of comparison sites and reviews available to be found to guide you in the right direction. WhichBingo provides a useful list of all the newest and best no deposit bonuses available from UK bingo sites. Certainly the competition is fierce. Sites like Butlers Bingo and Wink Bingo are offering huge bonuses in excess of £50. A far cry from the usual meagre £10 offering which does little to entice prospective bettors, although even these huge offers are made to look silly in comparison with what ABC bingo are offering - a brand new car!

Are no deposit bonuses still the future?

Having cited some of the offers currently available, one thing does stick out - they are simply becoming ridiculous! To have to offer new players £50 or a brand new car so that they come and play is insane. Recently there have been calls by certain industry leaders like Ben Starr of 15 Marketing to get rid of this form of gaming. In his opinion, sites that offer huge deposit bonuses attach too many terms and conditions to these bonuses to make them worthwhile. Players often don't understand them, and get wound-up when they discover that they cannot withdraw their winnings. Of course it is necessary for bingo sites to function in this way, if they offer bonuses; as they simply do not have the volume to survive without withdrawal and wagering rules. Nevertheless, one option would be to offer no bonuses, just straight up playing. This way, there would be no terms and conditions necessary to dictate when players can or cannot withdraw, and much heartache would be avoided.

Whatever is decided in future as far as no deposit bonuses are concerned, for the moment, it would appear they are here to stay.