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Rugby Bingo

From Legs 11 to Two Fat Ladies, people who enjoy playing bingo have heard the same calls hundreds of times; perhaps they are getting a little old for this modern age? To mix things up, we have decided to pair famous rugby players with their respective bingo calls:

Legs 11 must surely go to Jason Robinson. With incredible acceleration and a fantastic side step, this speed merchant was one of the hardest players to catch. With 30 tries in 56 matches, he truly was a machine. He also scored a try in the historic 2003 World Cup final.

Lewis Moody loved representing his country; although not the greatest player, he was one hell of a bruiser. This fighting spirit earns Moody the number 28 "Two and Eight, in a State". Moody often bled for his country and, in 2005, while playing for England against Samoa he fought club teammate, Alesana Tuilagi.

Meanwhile, 71 "Bang on the Drum" is awarded to the England fans. After winning the 2003 World Cup, the song "Swing Low Sweet Chariot" resonated around Britain. Also, the passion of the England fans supporting their team is unbelievable.

England will need this support if they are to win next year's Six Nations, as bookmakers such as Betfair see them as second favourites behind Wales.

Number 86 "Between the Sticks" must surely go to penalty scoring ace, Johnny Wilkinson. His right boot fired England to the World Cup and numerous Six Nations. If it wasn't for Wilkinson getting the rugby ball between the sticks, then the success that England achieved throughout the noughties would be minimal at best.

Finally, number 90 "Top of the Shop" has to go to England legend, Jason Leonard, who has made the most appearances for his country, and remains popular with fans on the Betfair forums. The "Fun Bus" picked up 119 caps in 14-year career; England's second most capped player is Wilkinson on 99. Leonard sits at the "Top of the Shop" when it comes to England appearances.