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Unlock More Bonuses with Betfair Bingo

Bingo has become a veritable behemoth in the online gambling world over the last few years and in 2015 that trend looks set to continue thanks to bigger jackpots and more game. Indeed, following the news that an 18-year-old from Cumbria managed to win £ 130,000 just a few days after Christmas, many in the industry are now preparing themselves for a busy 2015.

One site in particular that will be looking to capitalise on Europe's new love for bingo is Betfair. The sports betting platform has long been a force in the virtual bingo world, but in 2014 it took things to a new level with a plethora of exciting new offerings. The site's innovative Poker Experience appeared hard to top, but Betfair has since proved they can compete with leading platforms across the bingo industry as well, thanks to their familiar favourites and innovative jackpot games.

So what exactly can you find when you ante-up inside Betfair? As you'd expect, bingo games at Betfair bingo online come in four standard formats:

90-ball Bingo - One of the most common forms of bingo both online and live, 90-ball was traditionally played in the UK before it received international popularity. The reason why many players love the call of 90-ball bingo is that it offers the most scope for play and, thus, value for money.

80-ball Bingo - Operating in much the same way as its peers, this game is great for those who want to slightly reduce their chances against making a line/full house, but want a similar amount of game play to 90-ball bingo.

75-ball Bingo - This version was traditionally played in US bingo halls before it became a staple of the online world. Following the same format at 90-ball and 80-ball bingo, this variant usually takes around 20% less time per game than 90-ball contests.

50/30-ball Bingo - Speed is king in the online bingo world and this desire to race through games has resulted in the creation of 50-ball bingo. These games are usually played on 5x5 (50-ball) or 3x3 (30-ball) cards and the aim is to make a line before hitting a full house.

If we take a closer look at the action inside Betfair Bingo, you'll find that Deal or No Deal, the Big Wheel and Helter Skelter are the main attractions. Each is either played using 90 or 75 balls and the main benefit to playing these games is their jackpots.

Unlike standard games of bingo, these Betfair offerings allow players to win some big cash prizes if they can complete certain feats during a session.

Deal or No Deal Bingo: Following a similar format to Deal or No Deal the TV show, the variant's jackpot game requires timing and a desire to gamble. Anyone that can unlock the bonus portion of this game will be given the ability to take on the banker and win a cash prize. After pondering their options and conversing with their peers via the room's chat box, the player will have opened enough boxes to be offered a jackpot prize. The actual size of the prize will depend on the cost of a game ticket, the number of players in the game and how long it took to for the full house to hit.

The Big Wheel Bingo: As with all of Betfair Bingo's top offerings, The Big Wheel bingo has two in game bonuses: the Golden Ticket and the High Roller Bonus. The Golden Ticket is always fixed at £ 500, but the High Roller bonus increases with each new game and can easily reach five figures. To be in with a chance of scooping these prizes you'll need to complete a full house in less than 50 calls.

Helter Skelter Bingo: Helter Skelter is another of Betfair's offerings that allows players to compete for community jackpots worth £ 500 and £ 10,000+. The smaller of these two prizes, the Windfall bonus, is given to players that can complete a full house in 47 calls or less. Beyond this, the Bonanza Bonus is a progressive jackpot that's unlocked if a player is able to make a full house within 42 calls or less.

As you can see, Betfair Bingo's range of games is one of the most intriguing in the industry. Aside from offering all the game's major formats, Betfair has put together a roster of bonuses that allow players to win hundreds or even thousands of pounds without having to spend a fortune.