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Win Big! Bingo at home

What does it take to win big? A holiday to Vegas? A trip to your local casino? A lottery ticket from the corner shop? How about, "none of the above" as all you really need is a decent internet connection and a smidgen of adventure!

Looking back there have been lots of big winners from playing online bingo. By taking the hassle out of getting to a local bingo hall, and tapping a few buttons on the keyboard, millionaires have been made from the comfort of their armchairs.

You may remember hearing the story of 60-year-old granddad, John Orchard, who won an incredible £5.9million back in December 2012. The jobcentre worker from Lincolnshire had gambled no more than 30p on an online slot game, and from the click of a mouse became the biggest ever winner of online bingo.

So what does it take to win? Well Mr Orchard had just started to play Bingo online, having only been at it for a couple of days. He was actually playing a "Dark Knight" themed side game to the Bingo format. 1 week later, he was trading in his Renault Clio for a Jaguar XF!

That record currently stands, and you can see from the previous record holders, just how much the winnings from bingo sites are increasing; the biggest win previous to that was a Greek player who won the equivalent from £5.1million back in 2009. The biggest UK online bingo winner previous to Mr Orchard, was Soraya Lowell from Scotland, who scooped £1.2 million in 2008.

These winners all have 2 things in common. The first being that they created an online bingo account from their own homes, the second being they gave it a try. That could be all that is standing between you and the next world record win. With the prizes growing ever more, we are definitely due another big win. Make sure you don't miss out on scooping the next big online bingo bonus on Paddy Power Bingo!